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Our thoughts create, shape and alter our reality.
In fact, everything around you began as a thought.  Even the universe itself began as a thought from its creator. “He spoke and there was light”.

Thoughts of course emanate from our mindS.  No, minds is not a typographical error. That is because we actually have two minds!  We have a conscious mind, which accounts for 10% of our thought processes, sometimes called our “critical factor.” And we have an inner self, called the unconscious or subconscious mind accounting for the remaining 90%. The Subconscious mind is like a “hard-drive” which has stored old, outdated “programs” that may not match with your current reality. Although they often become old and outdated, they continue to run and don’t update even as we learn and grow.
These subconscious limiting beliefs affect your self-esteem, relationships, career, financial choices, wealth, health and much more. Unless you tap into the subconscious mind and change or upgrade those “old beliefs,” lasting change is almost impossible. You take one step forward toward your goal, (thanks to the will power of your conscious mind) but very soon find yourself back to zero or to the default settings of status quo. Think about your progress toward your new year resolution? Or what about that diet that fell through the cracks? The Conscious mind aka our analytical consultant is helping us to read and understand this text now. It creates values and judgements, beliefs, likes and dislikes, goals, aspirations and choices. Will power and positive thinking are part of the conscious mind and thus can’t take you too far unless you “reprogram” your subconscious mind.

Such a relief to know that you can reprogram your mind!  YES, you can get “unstuck.” You can build new habits that supports your reality. You can get freedom from your fears, anxiety, depression, procrastination, traumas and self-sabotaging behaviors that robs you of your joy. You can find your true identity, your purpose and live a happy, healthy life.

At Mind Transformation Inc. we are excited to offer you the tools to find the solutions that work best for you. We help you transform your mind to one that is congruent. Why? Because when a mind is congruent, it means that both the sub-conscious and the conscious mind are in agreement.  When your minds are agreed, your thoughts result in desired behaviors and your life will finally change. It will change with little effort and it will be lasting.

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