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Executive Performance Coaching (EPC)

“Are your opportunity costs of underachievement unacceptable?”
“Are you bewildered as to why your team’s attainable goals are not getting met?”
“Do your team members have skills or abilities that are not translating into successful performance?”


Learn what is really keeping your team members from hitting their goals.

The answer below may surprise you…

Internal Congruity
“An Integration Model for Success”


Wouldn’t it be great if your team members had their own sales/marketing/therapy and life coach? An advocate that would help them better manage the stresses of succeeding at home and at work.  Who helps maximize their strengths, shores up their weaknesses, and helps them transition what they know, into what they successfully do!”   
  Well, that’s what working with an IPC consultant is all about. 

The Performance Gap

  The gap that exists between goals and achievement is not usually created by a lack of knowledge. Nor does it persist because that knowledge isn’t applied skillfully on occasion.  It exists because internally held belief systems, which operate beyond our conscious control, unwittingly sabotage our success!

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.05.57

Willing ourselves to overpower this internal conflict long term is just not sustainable.  

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 11.07.40

Creating congruity between what we want and what we inwardly believe, is and EPC is your solution!

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