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  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis most generally characterized by trance. These are states of mind that we go in and out of throughout everyday like daydreaming. Most therapy takes place in daydreaming like state of mind.
  • Do I lose control of myself?
    No, you can NEVER lose control. You can hear every word and remember most of them. You cannot be made to do anything against your will. You will wake up feeling refreshed, energized and stress-free.
  • Can I get stuck in hypnosis?
    No, no more than you can get stuck in sleep.
  • Can everyone be hypnotized?
    Everyone who can mentally focus and is not under certain mind-altering substances such as alcohol, marijuana and/or hallucinogens etc. When focus is diminished hypnotic change work is negatively impacted.
  • How long the effects of hypnosis last?
    They can last a lifetime. It depends upon the issue and commitment of the client to change.
  • What do I bring to a hypnosis session?
    Just bring your willingness and commitment to change. Nothing else required.
  • What does the session format look like and how long do they last?
    Initial sessions usually last approximately 90 minutes. They generally are conducted as follows; 30 min – Your therapist will conduct an initial intake interview where your presenting issue (s) will be discussed in greater detail. He or she will likely follow-up with related questions specific to your pre-session intake forms. Discussion will also include an orientation to our various therapy interventions as well as answer unanswered questions 40 min – We typically begin with a very simple yet elegantly powerful imagination centered protocol which engages the inner you. It is effectively a therapist narrated metaphorical story that engages your sub-conscious mind in order to reveal areas which may be directly or indirectly contributing to your issue. Clients find this session extremely relaxing, informative and encouraging. 20 min – The last portion of the session is what we call a post session “debrief”. It is at this time where the sub-conscious mind begins bubbling up seemingly unrelated thoughts prompted by previously finished metaphor session. These fleeting and seemingly disconnected thoughts are often very significant to the design of the follow-up session where a more targeted remedial solution will be utilized.
  • How long does it take to get a problem resolved?
    Most single-issue problems can be successfully addressed in two to three sessions.
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