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The Emotion Code®

The Emotion Code® is an energy healing process. You may ask…What is energy healing?  Everything in the universe is comprised of energy. Even our thoughts.  Our thoughts are stored bio electronically in our brains called memories. 


Emotions are also made up of energy. And each emotion has a unique frequency with which it vibrates. Negative emotions vibrate more slowly than do positive ones.  We all know that positive emotions feel good and negative ones feel bad. When we experience negative emotions such as rejection, sadness, fear we often don’t process those emotions fully, it’s like we say “I’m going to park this here inside me and I will get back to this and deal with it more fully later on”. The reality is, however, we don’t come back to it and these negative emotions build up.  They are literally balls of energy about the size of a clinched fist.


The negative effect of these “trapped emotions” as they are called is that they impair the physical functions of the body as well as our capacity to feel and give love relationally. They additionally, contribute to limiting beliefs, which then alter our capacity to be our best selves. We believe these could lead to emotional and physical distress, discomfort, anxiousness, sadness, and more. The Emotion Code process can quickly release the negative trapped emotions. The release is permanent and can be felt immediately. All sessions can be done in person, via Zoom or over the phone.

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