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Life Phobias

Eliminate phobias that keep you from doing or going where you want

Make most any phobias completely disappear in one session

Enjoy new freedom to do what you want without limitation

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Learn DIY NLP techniques to eliminate anxious feelings

Free yourself from feelings of dread
Learn how to take control of your thoughts and emotions

Go anywhere do anything without worry
Discover how to be at peace

Psychology Session
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Instantly reverse the internal feelings of fear

Be bold in the face of challenges

Become unstoppable
No longer allow fear to block your success

Attain a persevering mind-set

Face the unknown with confidence

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Learn what you can and cannot control

Learn your limits and establish boundaries

Eliminate compulsive yes responses

Become a “being” not a “doing”

Learn to delegate, automate, eliminate

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Stop Smoking

Save on average over $2,000 per year

Live Longer

Improve your appearance

Reduce your risk of cancer

Improve your energy and stamina

No longer have to stand outside in the rain to smoke

No longer live with something that has robbed you of control

Become a non-smoker in one session or less!

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Weight Loss

Eliminate food cravings

Gain portion control

Solve the “emotional eating problem”


Look and feel better

Gain energy and vitality
Look younger


Stop binge eating or starving yourself

Binge no more

Be more attractive

Gain a new attraction for eating well

Body Measurements
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Manage Chronic pain

Eliminate pain tied to emotional distress

Learn to self-modulate the expression of pain

Stomach Pain
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Finally get the sleep you deserve!

Turn off your thoughts

Learn self-hypnotic secrets to deep sleep

Program yourself to sleep at night

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Uncover the true source of your addiction and uninstall the triggers

Be released from the compulsion of unwanted behavior such as; alcohol, drugs,
gambling, porn, gaming

Learn successful coping strategies

Break free from the habit of disengaging from reality

Image by Myriam Zilles
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No longer live with current negative feelings about past trauma

Finally put the past where it belongs…in the past

Free your current relationships from the ongoing intrusions of the past

Eliminate emotional pain experienced from revisited traumatic memories

Dissolve triggers that initiate “fight or flight” mechanisms

Heal the emotional fractures created by trauma

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Eliminate competing belief systems which negates taking action

Finally feel good about get things done on time

No more regret for having wasted time

Gain self-respect for becoming trustworthy

No more last-minute emergency tasks

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Limiting Beliefs

Get rid of negative self-talk

Eliminate sabotaging self-beliefs

Gain personal esteem

Become more self-confident

Become optimistic about living each day

Sad Girl in the Window
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Public Speaking

Lose your fear of speaking to large groups of people

Gain valuable skills to control emotions and nerves

Gain confidence in your communication skills

Learn effective ways to get and keep an audience’s attention

Eliminate stage fright

Public Speaker
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Who You Are

Learn who you are and who you are not

Internalize the difference between “being” and “doing”

Maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

Establish boundaries to protect your identity

Navigate the world of changing roles versus changing identity

Find the place where you were meant to flourish

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Other Issues

Sports performance
Personal development
Performance anxiety
Nail biting
Improving memory
Test taking
Exercise Motivation

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