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How to Stop Smoking near me

Mind Transformation Inc

stop smoking aids

Have you ever wondered what stops you from doing the things, you know you should be doing? How often do you break promises you make to yourself and feel disappointed? All your will power and positive thinking didn’t take you there. Or what about those feelings of not being good enough, smart enough and worthy enough, nagging you every time you step out of your comfort zone? How about the anxiety, stress and fears that keep you from moving forward? The list is endless! Not to mention the additional stresses and anxieties from the chaotic year of 2020.

What if I were to say in response to the above limiting beliefs, that they are just that-limiting beliefs! You have the power and resources to transform your current limitations – right now and fast!

How? Let me explain.

Transform Your Mind

Transform Your Life

depression and anxiety


At Mind Transformation Inc., we use hypnotherapy, Emotion Code, Body Code, Psych-K, and NLP to address the following
issues (but not limited to):

Phobia and fears help near me

Life Phobias

Eliminate phobias that keep you from doing or going where you want

Anxiety and Depression


Learn DIY NLP techniques to eliminate anxious feelings

Phobia and fears help near me


Be bold in the face of challenges. Become unstoppable.

Phobia and fears help near me


Learn what you can and cannot control. Learn your limits and establish boundaries.

Stop Smoking help near me

Stop Smoking

Wouldn’t it be nice for once to not smell like smoke? Save on average over $2,000 per year!

How can I lose Weight fast help near me

Weight Loss

Eliminate food cravings, gain portion control and solve the “emotional eating problem”.

Pain release help near me


Manage Chronic pain and eliminate pain tied to emotional distress

how to stop smoking weed


Uncover the true source of your addiction and uninstall the triggers.

Laura Wilson

I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the
sub-conscious mind is at responding to both metaphors and
direct suggestion. Thanks for showing me a more efficient
change process than just depending on my will power.

Jill Miller RN

As a practicing Nurse, I am well accustomed to the mind’s capacity to impact our physical body as well as our emotion. Thank you for utilizing Hypnosis and NLP symptom
alleviating interventions that work and are consistent with evidence based scientific knowledge.

Michaela S.

I was completely new to Hypnosis but found the experience calming and relaxing. I especially liked the fact that
you called a few days after the session to see how I was doing. 
The follow-up was greatly appreciated!

hypnosis to stop smoking near me

We Value Your Privacy

Our state-of-the-art service was designed to protect the privacy of all counselors and clients. Our servers are housed in a Tier-IV data center with SSAE16, HITRUST, ISO 27001 & PCI 2.0 compliance. 

All users have a unique login, and all user activity is recorded and stored. No sensitive information is ever sent via email, and data is backed up hourly again with 256-bit encryption.

We offer secure online video and secure online chat sessions. All connections run through our 256-bit encrypted Tier IV data center.

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